Top 10 Salesforce Chrome Extensions

If you are Salesforce Admin/Developer/Lead. Here are few brilliant Salesforce Chrome extensions to make your life easy and quick.

1. Salesforce API Names: This extension will help us to see all the API Names of the field on record page instead of going to Setup > Objects with a click on extension. This is very easy to toggle between API field names and labels on salesforce record Page with one click.

How to Use :

  • Navigate to any Salesforce Record and click on Extension. It will provide you the API names of all the fields on Record Detail Page. 

2. Salesforce Colored Favicons: This will Automatically update the icon for to display a colored cloud icon based for the current instance. It differentiates sandbox with a ‘S’ letter in the cloud.

How to Use :

  • This extension will automatically add different color to the salesforce icons w.r.t sandbox.

3. Salesforce Console Launcher: The SalesforceConsole Launcher is a quick shortcut to launch Salesforce Developer Console.

How to Use :

  • Login into the sandbox and click on the extension, this will open the developer console in the next tab for the particular login.

4. Salesforce Admin Check All: This extension is helpful during the setup tasks like profiles , permission sets etc.It enhance the Salesforce Setup pages by adding “check all” checkbox to the pages.

How to Use :

  • One of the use case. Login into the Sandbox and navigate like below:Setup > Profile > System Administrator > Object Settings > Accounts >Edit
  • You will see the Enabled checkbox on Permission name and Read , Edit on Field Name. With one click on these checkboxes, you will be able to select all checkbox.

5. ID Clipper : This extension helps to get id from the record and copied it to the clipboard.

How to Use :

  • Open any record detail page in Salesforce and  Click the scissor icon to clip the Id to your clipboard. This will copy 15 characters Id of the record to your clipboard, and the icon will turn green.
  • Click the scissor icon again, this will copy 18 characters Id of the record to your clipboard, and the icon will turn green.
  • Click the scissor icon again, this will copy the clean URL without parameters.

6. LOGINS: This application helps you to manage all the salesforce logins information and make you login faster. Managing many salesforce logins and to switch between this accounts, this extension is goto tool for you.

How to Use :

  • Click on the extension. You can add your own account and enter the information (Username, password, security token and description).
  • Select Org type as Sandbox, Production/Dev, Pre Release or other
  • Select any Landing Page from the picklist (Report, Dashboard, Chatter, Opportunity, Case Setup, User or other).
  • It will let you login into the new tab or new window according to selection.
  • Also grouping can be done for the different accounts.

7. Apex Debugger: This extension is a go to tool for debugging Apex Controllers. We can easily search value instead of opening each logs and search for the debug value.

How to Use :

  • Add any user in debug logs whom you want to check logs. On Debug log this application will provide us a search text field where we can search string in latest logs.
  • On click of Id in objects , it will also navigate us to the Class, Trigger, Record etc.
  • We can also delete all the logs with clear all button on Debug logs.

8. Salesforce Advance Code Searcher: This extension will help us to search any component, class, page and trigger with any string. Further also we can filter out the components with names. This extension is an advance metadata search tool. We can filter out the metadata and also search with their names or API Names. Metadata contains (Apex Class, Trigger, VF Page, VF Component, Custom Object, Custom Field, Workflow Rules, Static Resource, Email Template, Validation Rules, User, Profiles, Custom Label, Custom Setting, Queue and Permission Sets). We can also view and download the code coverage for the organization. Also available in lightning.

How to Use :

  • Select the metadata and add the keyword in the Advance Search text box. Select the Names, it will open the metadata in the next tab.
  • Under Developer Utilities, we can search any keyword among Apex Class,Trigger, VF Page and VF component(if we want to see any particular string in the sandbox where exactly used), Also further we can filter out the results with the name of the metadata.
  • We can also extract code coverage for the entire organization, any selecting the coverage type from the drop-down and click on Go. 

9. Salesforce Inspector: This extension will help us to do import, export, operation from record detail page , also show field data. This is mainly use to see data , metadata directly from the Salesforce UI.

How to Use :

  • Show field data > This will give us the quick view of field like for formula field we will be able to see formula on the record detail page. 
  • Show all data > This helps us to view all data for the record with the Field Names, API Names and Data Types. Also we can edit the data and save it into the record.
  • Data export > This helps us to the export the data from the salesforce with the SOQL and Export results can be copied to Excel, CSV or JSON files.
  • Data import > We can easily import(insert, update, upsert and delete) records in salesforce. This is similar as workbench or data loader to import the data in org
  • Org Limits > This generate a report for our org with the component usage.
  • Download Metadata > This will get us the XML file of the complete metadata of the org (eg: labels, application etc.)
  • Explore API > It views the REST documentation for the org.

10. Salesforce Navigator: This extension will help us to navigate to any salesforce page quickly.

How to Use :

  • Press Ctrl+Space in your keyboard, it will automatically open the pop up box for input. We can enter the name of the page we want to go and it will show the result. Select among them and it will navigate you to the page.

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