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Salesforce for Outlook, a Microsoft® Outlook® integration application that you install, syncs contacts, events, and tasks between Outlook and Salesforce. In addition to syncing these items, we can also add Outlook emails, attachments, events, and tasks to multiple Salesforce contacts, and view Salesforce records related to the contacts and leads in your emails and events—all directly in Outlook.
We will be able to customize what you sync and sync directions between Outlook and Salesforce. Your administrator determines the level to  customize these settings in Salesforce.

System Requirements :

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 (32-bit only; Outlook 64-bit isn’t supported)
  • Microsoft Windows® 7 (32-or 64-bit), Windows Vista™ (32-bit only), or Windows XP (32-bit only)
  • msi Installer:  You may have to install the following additional tools if you use the .msi installer. They’re installed automatically when you use the standard “SalesforceForOutlook.exe” installer. 
  1. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2
  2. Visual Studio® 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition Runtime
While using .msi installer you’ll have to manually install the package
Imp: Close Microsoft outlook before using Salesforce for outlook for the first time.

Steps for Installations :

  1. In Salesforce, Click on your name and go to my settings.
  2. Under My Settings , search Salesforce for outlook  inside Desktop Add-Ons. Below is the information we have to look before downloading Salesforce for outlook.
  • Check Requirements 
  • Watch Video(Shows how to download and install application).
  • View Configurations(With Various Settings , this will also show you the field mapping for Contacts, Events and Task. This will also sync your all the contacts, events and task with the outlook.)
  • Download Salesforce for Outlook(Current Latest Version 3.4.7)
  1. Click on Download button to download the “SalesforceForOutlook.exe”” file.
  2. Save it in desktop. Once download is complete , locale the file and run it.
  3. Close your outlook first and run the installer.
  1. We can also change the custom setup for the features to be installed.
  1. After installing , Click the finish button to Setup wizard.
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  1. Installation is done. 
  2. After some time reopen the Microsoft outlook. Along with outlook setup wizard will also get open.
  3.  This will open the popup for selecting the salesforce instance . It can be 
  • Other(we can directly give the domain)
  1. Enter your salesforce name and password.
  2. Click Approve. This will setup a secure connection between the Outlook and Salesforce.
  3. Click Next, and select the folders you want to sync.

We can also change the folders and select any different which we want to sync.

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  1. Click Next and click Done.

Your Salesforce for Outlook is active now and all data in your selected folder will be sync automatically .

In Outlook you will be able to see the right side panel, where you can search matching contacts and leads between salesforce and outlook.

We can configure now email, attachments, tasks and events to records.

Note: Your Microsoft windows time zone must be match with time-zone of your salesforce profile. To Sync data set both the same value like below:

From the Windows Control Panel, search for “Date and Time ” the double click to edit those settings. From the Salesforce personal settings, search for Time-zone in Quick Find box, click ”Language and Time Zones”.

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