The need for synchronization originates when processes need to execute concurrently. The main purpose of synchronization is the sharing of resources without interference using mutual exclusion. There was a time when to keep everyone on the same page spreadsheets were used to track activities.

Likewise, Field service industry is one part that is mostly under pressure to synchronize their tasks.

They have high-end responsibility of keeping a track of scheduling service appointments, dispatching mobile workers and equipment, and tracking vehicle locations, product stock, and appointment status. It offers a unique and robust suite of tools, leveraging Salesforce’s powerful CRM features.


What is Field Service Lightning ?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is an additional feature of Salesforce to expand the Service Cloud offerings. Field Service Lightning deals with Service Cloud, adding functionality for dispatching, monitoring, and reporting field service representative’s activity.

It helps to dispatch the right Technician in the right place, at the right time. It optimizes and automates the core business process.


Key Users of Field Service Management

Customer : User having an issue for which he will raise a service request.

Service Agent/Call Centre Executive : The first point of contact for the customer who will be responsible for making record of service request and booking of appointment including work order creation and pulling  data across salesforce to increase speed and accuracy.

Dispatcher : Assigns and manages the service appointments based on skills, time and location. Dispatcher will deal with the records, their work orders, appointments in coordination with the field professionals. Dispatcher will work on console which is set up in service cloud console inside salesforce.

Technician : They will utilize FSL mobile app and will work on scheduled appointments, check for parts availability in inventory/van locations, Adding parts to work order, close work orders, generate a service report and deliver a consistent customer experience.

Benefits of Field Service Lightning

  • Connects customers, agents, dispatcher and technician on a single platform.
  • Provides accurate time recommendations for clients on the basis of existing schedules and travel time.
  • Align correct technician based on their skillset and availability.
  • Allows field service reps to complete work orders right from their job site/location.
  • Captures electronic signatures for work requests or service reports.
  • Supports around 3,000 and more field service reps, including contractual workers.
  • Enables Gantt Chart feature on dispatcher console and contains the resource list, the schedule view, , skills, utilization, hours.
  • Operating hours and mobile workers are assigned to territories to keep your field operations running smoothly.

Significant Features of Field Service Lightning

  • Core Feature : Before start working on Field Service Lightning, admin should enable it from Field Service Settings to gain access of standard objects. This will enable the Salesforce app to provide mobile access to your mobile workforce. Van Stock and Track Inventory so that technicians can request what they need when they are at the customer location.

Image result for enable fsl

Image result for enable fsl

FSL Managed Package : Now you’re ready to install the Managed package through “” and select latest release managed package. This package includes custom objects, dispatcher console that support its scheduling and optimization features. Using the dispatcher console, dispatchers can actually optimize to align right technician to the right job at the right time.

FSL Mobile App : This is an all-in-one toll for technicians on the go which actually works even without internet access and know that all their changes are saved. Technicians, using this mobile app, can actually view their appointment schedule, work orders, reach contacts, and verify addresses. Communicate with dispatchers, partners, and customers using Chatter. Technicians also have access to different knowledge articles to complete any tricky tasks and can manage track consumption, request products, and view their inventory from the app.

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Field Service Lightning is intended to associate your workforce and empower them to convey intelligent and efficient onsite service. It enables them to attain quicker delivery and smarter and progressively customized service from the mobile phone to the field on one platform. The Field Service management programming helps you resolve Field Service calls quicker, increases worker productivity in the field, computerize the appointments scheduling as well and will place the right employee at the right place and at the right time.

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